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My dark opus: the tale of a wizard who discovers the secret to immortality (subtly, yet at the same time, deeply inspired by the hundreds of hours I spent playing the magnificent video game – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim).
Enjoy …


Fearing of death if ye all be,
Or seeking glory everlasting as thy destiny,
Then learn from the timeless story of he,
Who wrought the key to immortality,
And won the wide-world with wise wizardry!
But all is not what all can be,
And this be the tale of his eternity –

Hailing from humble home of three,
Child of clever ingenuity,
A gentle friend and erudite youth,
Initiate of science, one could tell,
For callow genius though harried and mocked,
Raged fiery ambition ’neath tender shell.

Humanity abjured, now solitary, recluse,
Of arcane research, execution profuse!
Unrelenting arbour driven irreversible state,
Linear trajectory set, calculation of fate.

And one day, at dead of night,
Arcane knowledge came to light
Crippling efforts were not in vain,
Vindication for his disdain:
“Now the world my work shall know,
To Immortal Wizard, all shall bow!”

Here we reach the beckoning brink,
When Wizard returns to human land
Hidden gears begin to clink,
In master wizard’s master plan –

One hundred years of history fade,
Immortal, a wizard of commerce and trade
Wealthiest patron to have ever been,
E’en ascetics devout wear jealous grin.

One hundred years more do part,
Immortal, a wizard of science and art
Revelations spouting night and noon,
Revolution! Revered as mankind’s boon.

One hundred years the clock-hands clank,
Immortal, a wizard with general’s rank
Mankind’s foes bear deadly fate,
Face of world now changing state.

One hundred years of conquests stacked,
Immortal, a wizard of political tact
King o’ world-united, with mankind’s laud,
rose, apotheosis to living man-god!

One hundred years of fruitful rule,
Pinnacle peak of human race
Harmonious hearts beat in bliss,
’Neath the Wizard’s immortal gaze.

Master plan complete sans fault,
Now hidden gears creak to a halt …
Think ends thus Wizard’s timeless story?
Here not ye the zephyrs portending worry …

Immortal Wizard sighed over throne,
all conquered, life now merely droned
“Nothing to do, nothing new!
Penta-centenarian exhausted brain,
Think fast, lest I go insane!”

On ominous day, a stroll through the park,
Saw on branch perched tiny lark
Zephyr portending past him did flow,
Paroxysm! Struck down with deadly blow!
Sparked in him a feeling new,
Colourless life shone in bright hue
Twisted amusement through him did flood,
Like wild beast that tastes human blood.

Wizard donned infernal grin,
Unleashing death, destruction, sin!
Tortured screams echoed in pain,
Pleasuring twisted, immortal brain
Flames of life fast lost their light,
In Wizard’s sick, disgusting blight
Wisps of souls, sundered, took flight,
Like smoke of candles blown at night
Immortal, mad eyes glowing bright,
As great achievements turned to shite!
Wizard, pale, spectral death-wight,
Laughed as the world died in his sight
As a cascading house o’ cards that might,
Fill a child with utter delight!

Once green paradise, now black ash,
Wizard prowled the wasted land –
“Nothing lives to kill anymore,
No destruction, no tortured soul
Nor can I restart, rebuild,
All I see is barren, black field
Madness again creeps up mine spine,
And only one thing comes to mind –
I wish to die by my own hand!”

Rueful, Wizard jumped off a cliff,
Immortal, all he found was grief
Unsettled, Wizard held his breath,
Immortal, he could not achieve death
Terrorized, Wizard virulent-poison drank,
Immortal, still death he could not outrank
Hysterical, Wizard stabbed heart with knife
Immortal, he could not take his life.

Panic-stricken, tormented, mad Wizard
cried “Mercy! Help! What have I done !?”
Nothing answered his lamenting shriek,
Words fading faint on land wasted, bleak
Madness crawled through flesh and bone,
Madness cloaked him like a dome
Glinting knife stabbed heart again,
Madness allayed by searing pain.

Hell in brain, sands of time drain,
Glinting knife stabs heart again,
Screaming pain, sands of time drain,
Glinting knife stabs heart again,
Insanity’s reign, sands of time drain,
Glinting knife stabs heart again,
Again, and again,
and again,
and again …..

Fearing of death if ye all be,
Or seeking glory everlasting as thy destiny,
Then learn from the timeless story of he,
Who wrought the key to immortality,
And drowned in the abyss of insanity!
For all is not what all can be,
And this be the tale of his eternity ……




~arT hints a raGa~

A lass, fair was her hue,
A dear friend, who once I knew
Her voice was a gentle coo,
Her eyes were kind and gentle too.

As children in uniforms blue,
With neck tie and black shoe,
Exams and homework to do,
Teachers, friends and class-rooms,
It was great fun, you know it’s true,
We also managed to ace school!

A budding friendship we had cast,
But alas, it was not to last
Estranged by a fork, sharp,
Two paths of life it did part
Young of mind and young of heart,
With hopes and dreams of science and art,
On our journeys we did depart,
And then we had strayed far apart.

Now life began to get dark,
No longer a walk in the park
Melancholia got in the way,
And brought me right into her sway
In the darkness I ran around,
But guiding light could not be found.

Till one day, in month of May,
I heard a little whisper ‘Hey!
I say, do come this way,
I will show you the light of day!’

So I followed the whisper true,
And it led me straight to you
Drifted hearts, from the past,
had met again to be recast
In that moment I did realize,
And uttered in great surprise:
‘You are that guiding light,
Which fills my heart and makes it bright!’

Time has passed and now I’m here,
A better person than long ere
A lot has happened since that day,
Long ago in month of May
Not every whisper need be true,
Like one once led me straight to you
But life always finds a way,
Like an arcanely-scripted theatre play.

Yet, I ponder a future new,
Where whispers are always true,
Where I would still be with you,
And get to hear your gentle coo.
But my friend, who once I knew,
That is just my wishful cue.

I now belay, no more delay,
I hope we meet again, someday …
I’m off to find the guiding light,
Which fills my life and makes it bright …