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                                      Newton Welcomes You

Hello and welcome to my blog !!!

I am an ardent student of Physics and this blog is my web journal. I created it to store and share all my idiosyncratic ideas, preposterous propositions, thoughtful theories, hybrid hypotheses, exhausting explanations, exhilarating experiments, punctilious proofs, critical conclusions, impactful implications and several other such similarly stimulating scientific stuff !!!

I also created this in the hopes that a web log of my scientific doodles may benefit me (or anybody who’s interested to take a look) in my scientific pursuits (or theirs), in the future. This blog is also for the casual reader, since scientific articles oft make an interesting and stimulating read. Moreover, one gets to learn something new, and every iota of knowledge acquired takes us a small step closer to understanding how the perplexing reality, which we call our universe, works.  That’s a nice perspective, isn’t it? And maybe, somewhere among the bubbling bundle of thoughts which emerge from the mind every moment, lies an idea that has the potential to change the world ?! You never know……

I conclude with a simple, yet enlightening quote by Sir Issac Newton:

“If I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought.”

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